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Yabber : chat a lot, to talk (a lot)
Yabby : inland freshwater cray-fish
Yakka : hard physical labour; hard work
Yewy : u-turn in traffic ("chuck a yewy at the next traffic lights")
Yellow fellow : A half-cast Aborigine. Pronounced "Yella Fella"
Yellow fever : gold fever; gold prospecting
Yobbo : a maniac, lunatic, idiot or an uncouth person
Yodel : to throw-up; vomit
Yonnie : a flat stone or pebble
You beaut! - you little beauty! : an exclamation of happiness or jubilance
You der! : you moron; idiot!
You'd make a blowfly sick! : a real insult
You're not wrong : you are right; in total agreement
Yowie : a mythical Australian creature