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Ta! : Thank you
Ta-dah : Goodbye. See also "Hoo-roo"
Take-away : Food to go
Take a piece out of : to tell someone off
Take a punt : to take a chance
Take the mickey out of : to deliberately tease or ridicule somebody
Tally : to keep score (original meaning was the shearing of 100 sheep)
Tall poppies : successful people
Tall poppy syndrome : the tendency to criticize successful people
Tallie : 750ml bottle of beer
Tanked : completely drunk, totally intoxicated, drunk or plastered
Tart : A woman who dresses provocatively
Tassie : The state of Tasmania. Pronounced: "Tazzie"
Taswegian : derogatory term for a person from Tasmania
Tatty : ragged; shabby
Technicolour yawn : to vomit
Tea : Dinner or evening meal
Tee up : to make an arrangement
Telly : Television or telescope
Tee-up : to set up (an appointment)
The top-end : The most northern point in Australia
Thick as a brick : dumb; really dull; slow witted
Thingo : Wadjamacallit, thingummy, whatsit
Thongs : cheap rubber backless sandals
Throw-down : small bottle of beer which you can drink quickly
Thunder box : water closet; lavatory; toilet
Ticker : the heart
Tight as a fishes arse : a person who is very selfish; won't pay their way; won't easily part with money
Ticket : A speeding or parking fine
Tickets, to have on oneself : to have a high opinion of oneself
Tickle the till : to rob somebody or a business establishment
Tickle the tonsils : A witty expression to absorb or digest information or food
Tinnie : can of beer
Tinny : small aluminium boat
Tinny, tin-arsed : lucky
Tip : A rubbish dump
Toey : a state of nervousness or bad tempered
Togs : swim suit
Too right! : definitely!
Tomato sauce : Ketchup
Tom bowler : The biggest marble in a childs collection
Top End : Northern Territory; far north of Australia
Top ender : a person from the Northern Territory
Top sort : An attractive female
Top stuff! an exclamation of good quality merchandise
Torch : A flashlight
Town bike : A woman streetwalker
Trackie daks/dacks : tracksuit pants
Trackies : track suit
Trannie : A transistor (portable) radio
Troppo, gone : to have escaped to a mental state of tropical madness having spent too long a time in the tropics.
Trough lolly : the solid piece of perfumed disinfectant in a men's urinal
Truckie : truck driver
True blue : a patriotic Australian
Tucker : food
Tucker-bag : food bag
Turn it up! : Be quiet or be reasonable. Also a polite request to cease conversation
Turps : mineral turpentine, alcoholic drink
Turps, hit the : to go on a drinking binge
Twist top : A bottle of beer with a screw top
Two bob lair : A worthless hoodlum. See also "Lair"
Two bob watch : Worthless merchandise
Two pot screamer : A person who get's drunk on a small amount of liquor
Two up : An unlawful game of chance involving the use of coins