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Rack off : push off, get lost, get out of here, also "rack off hairy legs!".
Rafferty rules : No rules at all, no guidelines or regulations
Rage : a party
Rage on : to continue on partying - "we raged on until 5.00am"
Rapt : very pleased, absolutely delighted
Ratbag : a relatively mild insult
Raw prawn, to come the : to engage in bullshit, to be annoyingly disagreeable. See also "Come the raw prawn"
Razzo : an imaginary coin of little value. See also "Brass razoo"
Real nark : see "Nark"
Reckon! : you betcha! Absolutely!
Red centre : the dead heart of Australia. See also "Ayres Rock"
Reffo : a migrant refugee
Rego : a motor vehicle registration
Rellie or relo : a family member or relative
Ridgy-didge : guaranteed original, 100% genuine
Right-o : okay, yes, alright
Right (she's right) : everything is ok, she's right mate!
Right, that'd be : Accepting bad news as inevitable. ("I went roo shooting got nothing." "Yeah, that'd be right.")
Ringer : the quickest shearer in the team
Ring : to call someone
Ring in : a last minute substitute
Rissole : mince meat and bread crumbs rolled into the shape of a ball. Pronounced "Riz-zole"
Roam around like a lost sheep : to wander aimlessly; completely lost
Robe : coat or clothes closet
Rock hopper : a fisherman who prefers to fish from coastal sea rocks
Rock melon : a cantaloupe
Rip snorter : great, terrific, fantastic - "it was a rip snorter of a party"
Ripper : great, fantastic - "it was a ripper party"
Ripper, you little! : Exclamation of absolute delight or as a reaction to hearing good news
Road train : big truck with many trailers
Rock up : to turn up, to arrive - "we rocked up at their house at Midnight!"
Rollie : a special cigarette that you roll yourself
Roo : kangaroo
Roo bar : stout bar fixed to the front of a motor vehicle to protect it in the unlikely event of hitting a kangaroo (also bull bar)
Root : a derogatory term for sex
Rooted : tired; stuffed
Rooted : busted; worn out; no good; not working; broken e.g. "this electrical drill is rooted"
Ropeable : extremely angry
Rort (verb or noun) : Cheating, fiddling the books, defrauding someone or something
Rough as guts : crude, unrefined, ill-bred
Rough end of the pineapple : a bad experience, deal or transaction
Roughy : a person who uses strong arm tactics to get what they want
Row : an argument, feud or quarrel
Rotten : drunk - "I went out last night and got rotten"
Rubbish (verb) : to verbally put somebody down, talk badly about, to criticize a person
Rug rat : a small child
Runners : See "sandshoes"
Runs like a hairy goat : someone or something that runs, operates or performs poorly
Run rings around : to beat, conquer or defeat. See also "No flies on"