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Nappie : a babies diaper
Nark : to annoy or upset someone; a spoilsport
Narked : peeved; annoyed
Nasty piece of work : an undesirable person, an unpleasant person
Nasho : National Service (compulsory Australian military service)
Natter : idle talk, gossip, chit-chat
Naussie : a newly appointed Australian citizen (immigrant)
Naughty, have a : making love, having sex
Ned Kelly : famous (and notorious) Australian bushranger who after years of successfully eluding police was finally caught and hung
Never saw the sun shine brighter : I never felt better, jubilant; feeling on top of the moon
Never Never : the far Outback, centre of Australia
New Australian : see "Naussie"
Newsagent : a shop that sells newspapers, books and magazines
Nick : to steal or borrow something without one's permission
Nick off : piss off; go away; to depart
Nicki noo : exposed or naked
Niggly : touchy, irritable, temperamental
Ninety to the dozen : an amusing expression directed at a person who constantly talks on and on and never realises when to stop talking and shut-up!
Nipper : a young surf lifesaver
Nit : lice
Nitwit : a silly person, somebody who acts stupidly
No bull : 100% truthful; not kidding
No buts about it : unquestionable, not a matter for dispute
No flies (on someone) : a quick thinking person; said admiringly of someone
No dramas : same as "no worries"
No worries! : Expression of forgiveness or reassurance (No problem; Yes, I'll do it; forget about it; I can do it)
No-hoper : an unworthy individual, someone who'll never do well in life
No problem : fine; everything's OK
Norks : a woman's breasts
Not in the race : no chance whatsoever
Not the full quid : not a very bright person intellectually
Note : a bill, legal tender, money
Nuddy, in the : stark naked
Nuggety : a person with a short and stocky build
Nulla Nulla : somewhere in the outback of Australia. See also "Woop Woop"
Nun's nasty, as dry as a : dry
Nut out : hammer out or work out (to work out a mutual agreement)
NSW : an abreviation for the state of New South Wales