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Jack of : to be tired of something; pissed off
Jack of all trades, master of none : a person that will try anything
Jackass : a kookaburra
Jackaroo : a male trainee station manager or station hand (a station is a big farm/grazing outback property)
Jaffle : a toasted sandwich
Jaffle iron : a waffle-iron machine for making jaffles
Jam jars : thick lensed spectacles
Japanese work boots : aussie thongs (i.e: backless rubber sandals)
Jarah : a mahogany (gum) tree indigenous to Australia
Jelly-bubbler : a semi-transparent like portuguese man-of-war with poisonous tentacles
Jelly-fish : a small lucid jelly like creature. See also "Blue-Bottles"
Jillaroo : a female trainee station manager or station hand
Job : to strike or punch someone
Joe Blow : an average bloke
Joey : baby kangaroo
Journo : a newspaper reporter and journalist
Juice : petrol, gasoline
Jug : electric kettle
Jumbuck : sheep
Jumper : a sweater or pullover
Jumping bulljoe : an aggressive orange and black ant that hops. A jumping bulljoe is the enemy of a bull ant. See also "Bull ant"