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Icy pole, ice block : popsicle, lollypop
Idiot box : Television
I'll be buggered : an expression of surprise or amazement
I'll be a monkey's uncle : an expression of surprise or absolute amazement
Illywhacker : a confidence trickster
In a shit : in a bad mood
In a tizz : in a state of confusion or confused excitement
in good nick : it's in good shape; one who's fit and healthy
In like Flynn : successful (mainly used when successful in a sexual encounter)
In the cactus : in trouble
In the club : pregnant
In the pudding club : pregnant
In the nick : in jail
In the poo : in trouble (eg: I'm in the poo with me dad for crashing his car)
In ya boot : an expression of disagreement
Ironbark : Extremely tough hardwood timber
Ironman : a muscular, fit and trim surf lifesaver. See also "Bronze Aussie"