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A Little Stiff : Short of in want of, usually spoken in reference to money. e.g. "Can ya' loan me some moolah mate?" "Sorry mate! I'm a little stiff at present." See also "Stiff"
ABC : Australian Broadcasting Corporation, referred to as "Auntie"
Abo : A derogatory term for an Australian Aboriginal
Ace! : Excellent! Great! Very good!
Act : Pretend, not real. e.g. "'es or-right! 'es only bunin' on an act!" See also "Bung"
Aerial pingpong : Australian Rules football
Aggro : Very Aggressive
Alice : Alice Springs, a northern territory township. e.g. "ya' spendin' a few weeks up at Alice mate!"
All Blacks : New Zealand rugby union football players
Alkie : alcoholic E.g. "I'm sure the old diggers an alkie!"
Alley up : To pay back a personal debt
Amber fluid : Aussie Beer
Amber nectar : Aussie Beer
Ambo : Ambulance and/or an ambulance driver
Ankle biter : Young child
Anyhow have a winfield : A popular saying from an Australian cigarette commercial, made famous by respected Australian actor Paul Hogan
Apples, she'll be : It'll be all right (eg: she'll be apples mate!)
Artist : One who is excessive in nature, such as, booze artist, bull artist, con artist
Argue the toss : To dispute a decision
Arvo : Afternoon
Aussie (pronounced Ozzie) : A true blue Australian
Aussie battler : An everday Australian trying to make ends meet
Aussie salute : Brushing flies away from your face with your hand
Ave a go, ya mug! : Means to try harder, not to act foolishly. It is what you would yell at a lazy footballer etc! Or you would yell it at some poor bastard trying to push start his car while you drive by!
Auntie : ( "Auntie ABC") Australian joke against the English
Avos : Avocados
Ayres Rock : the dead heart of Australia. See also "Red Centre"
Axle grease : Money