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Australian Sayings

Included among Australian sayings are glossary examples, you may find English words which are written to reflect the Aussie accent (not to be confused with the dialect). Below is a list of these words and their English equivalents. For more on Australian slang view slang.

Question: "Why arn't ya' wearin' ya' new at mate?"
Response: "'Cause I'm goin to wear it to the weddin first".

Also, Australians alter the vowel sounds, such as changing the "a" in the English "fat" to the English "mom". Thus, "task" becomes "tosk", and "mask" becomes "mosk", etc.

Another characteristic throughout the country is to shorten long words and lengthen short words. Even one's own name is no longer scared. For example: Ross is Rossco, Karen is Kaz, John is Johnny or Johnno, Mark is Markus, Michelle is Shelly or Shell, etc. There is also the abbreviation of words and phrases by pronouncing the word with the emphasis on the letters "O", "A", or "IE". For example:

Question: "ow ya' going, Freddie?"
Response: "Or-right, Mate!"

Sentences or short phrases are also usually run together as one long word spoken in like manner. For example:

Question: "Didyahaveagoodweekend?"
Response: "Arealbottlathanksmate!"

Many words have been included in a short phrase or sentence to give a clear understanding as to how it is to be used and spoken.

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