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Pronunciation Of Words

Included among Australian sayings you will find below common everyday slang words and how they are pronunciated. You may also find English words which are written to reflect the Aussie accent (not to be confused with the dialect). We have listed below these words and their English equivalents. For more on slang words, phrases and sayings, please see words.

Word Pronunciation
Aw: Are Ardunno: I don't know
Bigon: Big one Betta: Better
Carn: Can't or Cannot Didya: Did you
Doin: Doing Da: Do
Dunno: I don't know 'em: Them
'ear: Hear 'eard: Heard
'elluva: Hell of a 'er: Her
'es: He is Fella: Fellow
Goin: Going Gunna: Going to
'ad: Had 'earin: Hearing
'is: His 'im: Him
me: my nar: No
Nothin: Nothing Orright: O'K
Orright: All right 'ow: How
S'arvo: This afternoon Righto: O'K
Tis Mornin: This Morning Ta: Thank you
Ta: To Wadoancha: Why don't you
Wudya: What Do You Whatsanamed: What is his/her name
Wunna: Want to Ya: You
Yawself: Yourself Yeah: Yes
Yes-ta-dy: Yesterday Ywa: Your
Wun: One --End--